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8 SUNDAYS: JULY 3 - AUGUST 21, 2022  3:30pm-7:30pm
times may vary slightly depending on sunset

In this class we will explore the art of plein air painting in the diverse landscape of New York City. Locations will be in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including Prospect Park, Hudson River Park, and Central Park, as well as other sites to be determined. All sites will be accessible and safe. The class is open to all levels, though some prior experience with oil painting is recommended.Students unfamiliar with working plein air have a chance to work in a supportive, serious group of students, and learn a system of working outdoors that they can use on their own well into the future.

The main pursuit of this class will be translating one’s real experience into a powerful and surprising image. The question of how to respond to the constantly in-flux world with a still image will be the primary subject. Students will work to cultivate deep concentration, learning firsthand how one’s own presence in the moment, with each mark, informs the image as a whole. We will explore issues of color mixing (local versus relational color), the use of grids to find implicit geometry, how to construct convincing space and form, the search for unity, and how to befriend chaos. We will look at many artists over time who have worked in this tradition from Edward Hopper to Josephine Halvorson, from Giorgio Morandi to Lois Dodd. Each class we will inhabit the physical, visual world of paint, cultivating the intelligence of our hands and eyes. 

Time will also be given each week to group discussions and critiques, providing time for reflection after the active push of painting!

For more information, Email me at: rslpmn0@gmail.com

$400 for 8 classes

Dropout Policy
Before first meeting of class: 100% refund
After the first meeting of class: 50% refund
After the second meeting of class: no refund


Rain and Weather
In the case of light rain we will still venture out, going to sites that are covered (e.g. Hudson River park under the highway and the Concert Grove Pavillion at Prospect Park). In case of heavy rain or otherwise severe weather, there will be make-up dates scheduled on Saturdays in August and/or Sunday August 28.



•French Easel

•Prepared surfaces: can be any of the following:
Stretched canvases, gessoed board (wood, masonite), metal plate
Also acceptable: gessoed loose canvas or gesso-primed paper stapled to board
Sizes ranging from 9x12 - 24x30+


•A minimum of 5 assorted oil brushes, a variety of sizes & shapes. At least one large round.

•Small -medium bottle of Gamblin safflower oil

•Medium - large bottle turpenoid (you will only bring small amounts at a time)

•2 small sealable jars

•Rags (old t-shirts) or paper towels

•Wooden palette (pre-oiled or shellacked), or any other transportable palette (disposable palette pads are okay but hard to manage)

•1-3 medium palette knives. 

•PAINTS: Titanium White, Ivory Black, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Green Light, Viridian Green, Turquoise, Dioxyzine Violet (or Egyptian or Windsor) and Magenta (Quinacradone), Raw umber, Raw sienna. Plus any other colors you wish to bring. Any brand is acceptable. 

•Blue tape



•Small Woodworking Clamps (mini C-clamp or spring clip) 

•Plastic bag for garbage disposal


Liquin or Galkyd (to speed drying of paint)
Light duty staple gun and staples (if working on loose canvas)
Latex gloves
Folding stool
Wheeled carrier